Boating without owning

Boating without owning

We were excited to discover a new company at the Boat Show that enables complete novices to take a motor yacht out for a sail! Worry Free Boats is a members’ club where you can pay to have access to power... read more

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What is the protocol for getting on and off the Dubai Metro? With the emirate being home to so many nationalities, it is difficult to know what is the right procedure without offending anyone....

It can be confusing, but fortunately,... read more

Can I still buy alcohol from a liquor store during Ramadan?

Yes, MMI and African + Eastern have stores... read more

What is the average expat lifestyle like in Dubai?

Sunny days, great shopping, outdoor living and... read more

Should I be concerned about the education system in Dubai for my kids?

Your child’s education will certainly... read more

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