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Abu Dhabi is home to various international and government nurseries, schools and universities offering top quality education. There has been a high level of investment and rapid expansion within a relatively short timeframe in the capital – and the educational landscape continues to change and improve. School inspections are now compulsory, and teachers will soon have to be ‘licensed’ (as is the case in western countries).

Going private
Local schools are restricted primarily to Arabicspeaking Emiratis, so you will need to enrol your child into a private school. Although prices can be high, your child will learn Arabic and other languages from a young age, the facilities are world-class, and classes are a melting pot of nationalities. There are currently 185,000 students enrolled in private schools across the capital – and plans to build more new schools by 2020.
Get on the list
The first thing anyone will tell you about education in the UAE is to get your child’s name on several school waiting lists as soon as possible. The demand for spaces at the more popular schools is high, and you can never apply too early. Secondly, try to negotiate school fees in your expat package with your employer. Also, check to see if your company has a corporate debenture with a particular place, as that will move you up the waiting list.

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