Both private and public healthcare services are available in the UAE, with English speaking staff and internationally trained medical staff in most facilities; the main difference being personal service and dorm style rooms rather than private hotel-style rooms (and food!).

Healthcare for employees
Employers can choose to provide access to healthcare for its employees: either the employer pays for a private medical insurance policy, or it pays the cost of obtaining a health card for each employee, which can be used to receive healthcare at any government hospital. 

Health insurance
Health insurance packages, which must come from a government approved provider, cover all essential health services including emergency care, access to GPs, referral to specialists, tests and investigations, surgical procedures and maternity care. The new legislation also states that employee’s spouses and children must also have health cover – but this may be at the employee’s own expense. It is also mandatory for sponsors to provide domestic workers – nannies and maids – with health insurance.

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