Private Healthcare

You will need private health insurance to be treated at one of the growing number of excellent private healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi. However, even if you have private health insurance you'll need to check your policy to see exactly which hospitals are covered (and which treatments) as not all will be on the approved list. Levels of cover vary depending on the policy; dental care, maternity and screening text aren't usually covered as standard, and you may need to have been on the policy for a year before you can receive maternity cover. 

Payment policy
Always check whether a clinic or hospital is part of your insurance network before your appointment, ro make sure you don't end up having to pay the full costs. Some companies offer direct billing, whereby the insurer pays the hospital or clinic directly and you only pay a nominal fee. Others require you to pay the cost of the consultation, treatment and medication up front and then file a claim to the insurer.

Company insurance
If your employer is paying for your insurance, your employment contract will state whether your spouse and dependants are included in the policy. Otherwise, you may need to cover the cost of insuring your family yourself. 

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