Getting a company PO Box

You will need to organise a company PO Box as part of the set-up procedure. All mail is sent to a PO Box address, registered at your company premises. You can rent an annual company mailbox, and then use the Empost courier service and choose from a variety of bundles (‘Ezimail’) depending on the volumes of post arriving locally, from overseas or from further afield. The bundles include domestic courier services, weekly pick-up services and discounts on domestic unaddressed mail.  


  • Aged 18 or older
  • UAE resident

What to bring

  • Completed and signed Company PO Box Service application form, with company stamp. (Download form online from or
  • Passport with Resident ID (one copy)
  • Trade licence (one copy)
  • Annual fees
  • Vary according to the bundle you select and range from Dhs.750 (company PO Box Light) up to Dhs.12,000 (Ezimail Gold bundle). Fees are calculated on a pro-rata basis. Running from 1 January to 31 December, the rate decreases each month.


@Emirates Post branches
  • Select post office where you would like to rent a company mailbox
  • Submit all documents and fees 
  • Company is assigned a box number immediately
  • Your PO Box key will be given to you on the spot at the branch
  • Username and password will be assigned to track post online 
  • Track your received post online or by text message
  • Renew your PO Box online at or

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