Obtaining special approval for a business activity

Certain businesses require additional special approval from various government ministries and/or other authorities, according to their type of activity. You will then need a no objection certificate (NOC) from the ministry related to your business domain before applying for a trade licence.


  • Use the activities search at dedabudhabi..ae to find out if your business needs special approval – and from which government body/bodies
  • For a list of business activities and related ministries, visit registration and licensing ‘external approval’ at dedabudhabi.ae

What To Bring

  • Completed Initial Approval Form from the DED
  • Financial guarantee from an Abu Dhabi bank (if required)


@Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Take your paperwork and application form to the relevant authorities to request the NOCs
  • Submit NOCs with other paperwork required for trade licence to DED
  • This process needs to take place once you have submitted your initial trade licence and trade name applications
  • Once the business type is approved by the Ministry of Economy, the DED can approve your full trade licence

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