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With so many people from all corners of the globe calling Abu Dhabi home it should come as no surprise that the emirate and city now offer a wide range of sports and hobbies to be enjoyed, with everything from triathlon to tango dancing covered. You’ll find organisations offering competitive cricket, tennis, basketball and netball, to name a few, plus local representations of football codes from around the world. Plus, the great climate for most of the year and miles of stunning coastline means outdoor pursuits and adrenaline activities such as cycling, dune bashing and watersports are well supported.

You need not leave behind those hobbies you enjoy back home either. From dance classes to photography, there are like-minded people in the city and emirate who will be more than happy to hear from you. How these activities are organised vary from regular meetings and paid-for classes to forum or social media based groups. If one of your interests isn’t catered for, there’s nothing to stop you from starting your own group or club either – and you’re likely to find plenty of takers in this active city. Alternatively, a trip to Dubai can often help you find clubs and groups that aren't availble in Abu Dhabi, and it's less than an hour away.

Team Spirit
More than 10,000 members are signed up for Duplays recreational sports leagues in the UAE – a phenomenal number given that the organisation was set up by expats in 2009. What better way to keep fit, meet new people and settle in to a new city. Players of all skill levels are welcome. Get stuck into five- or seven-a-side football, beach volleyball, kickball or badminton, to name a few. Individuals joining can be assigned a team. For details visit

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