Essential Documents

Paperwork and administration is unavoidable when you are becoming a resident of Abu Dhabi. Even after your visa is attached safely within your passport, you'll still need a labour card and a Resident ID card. If you want to drive or buy alcohol then there are more forms to fill or processes to go through, but by this point you'll hopefully be well used to how it all works.

Typing centres
Many of the processes you need to go through when moving to Abu Dhabi involve going to a typing centre. These are found all over the city, and are within or close to many of the government departments that require the use of them. Often the required application forms need to be collected from a typing centre, and the relevant department will not accept a form that hasn't been filled out by one. You will need to take along all the relevant documents and pay a fee.

Passport Photos If you need passport photos (and you will need them) then you also need to know where to go. Grand Stores has branches throughout the city and can take your picture and provide the correct size photos. Look out for Kodak outlets in all shopping malls which can shoot a passport picture or print passport-sized photos from your own snaps.

English vs Arabic
Alwasy keep in mind that any document wriotten in Arabic is the legally binding one. Therfore many institutions require that application forms are completed in Arabic. If you're worried you can employ the services of a legal translator.

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