Mother of the Nation Festival: Anticipation mounts as set-up begins

Date: 2017-03-06
We’re less than a month away from the launch of the capital’s second annual Mother of the Nation Festival. Kicking off on 26 March, the festival will transform more than a kilometre of Abu Dhabi’s Corniche Beach into four lively activity zones.
1. The Happiness Zone will feature events such as Bu Tinah Sea Adventure, a magical voyage full of colourful shipwrecked dhows, and Tranquil Park where books can be plucked from the branches of trees.
2. In the Progress Zone, interactive experiences will engage visitors in innovative concepts, including the brand new Water Light Graffiti which will dazzle visitors with the glow of thousands of LEDs arranged in a creative interactive installation.
3. The Beach Dining Zone will host Chef Challenges, where food fanatics and aspiring chefs can flex their culinary muscles in exciting cooking competitions. 
4. The Souq Zone will provide a unique retail experience with a selection of traditional shops and international brands.
The festival’s centrepiece, the Mother of the Nation Pavilion, will pay homage to women, celebrating their role across all aspects of life. Finally, artistic shows and performances inspired by the diverse cultures found in the UAE will round out the festival’s activities. Visit for more information.

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