Moving To Abu Dhabi

Whether you're still making the decision to move or not, you’ve just arrived and don’t know where to start, or you find yourself faced with an overwhelming amount of red tape this section is here to help you. Just remember, procedures and laws do change regularly, sometimes in quite major ways. While these changes are generally announced in the newspapers, they are often implemented quickly, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected, although these pages will keep updated with major changes on a regular basis.

City of opportunities
Most expats who move to the emirate of Abu Dhabi settle in Abu Dhabi city, a place that has evolved rapidly since oil was found in 1958 and it’s still growing. Abu Dhabi city is essentially an island, but its reach now spreads out onto the mainland and towards the airport. New residential areas, new hotels and new attractions make it an exciting place to live, even without the added bonus of tax-free living. Excellent career opportunities, fantastic weather (aside from a few sweaty months in summer), a readily available network of social contacts and some unique activities help make the quality of life an alluring reason to come to and to stay in the city of Abu Dhabi.

In fact, many expats live the sort of high life in Abu Dhabi they would unlikely be able to afford in their home countries; five-star dining, fast cars and 4x4s, lavish holidays and regular spa treatments, which many find a difficult thing to leave behind. Even those on less generous packages can make the most of the great weather, and there are fantastic destinations in the Middle East to explore. From a road trip into the rocky landscape of Oman to a short haul flight to Asia, Abu Dhabi is ideally placed to give expats an unforgettable experience.

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