Working in Abu Dhabi

Expat workers come to Abu Dhabi for a number of reasons: to advance their career, enjoy a higher standard of living, or to take advantage of new opportunities. Whatever the reason, there are various advantages to making the move.

While the biggest bonus of working in Abu Dhabi may seem to be tax-free salaries, the cost of living (or your newly acquired lifestyle) can somewhat balance out this benefit. All-inclusive packages with accommodation and education allowances are not as common as they once were, although basic benefits still apply (such as annual flights home, health insurance and 22 calendar days of leave).

That said, Abu Dhabi is still very much a land of opportunities for skilled professionals. It is comparatively easier to change industries, as skillsets are less ‘pigeon-holed’ than in other countries, and jobs in certain industries (such as construction and property) are more readily available.

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