Famous in some circles and infamous in others, Amsterdam is well known to both the party crowd and the culture lover. Many visitors are struck by the beauty of the city and are surprised by how much it has to offer aside from coffee shops and the Red Light District. It’s an incredibly easy city to get around, with a great public transport system. Despite its big reputation it really is quite small. The no-nonsense attitude of the Dutch can be offputting and everyone has tales of the poor level of service in Amsterdam. Known for its culture of acceptance and tolerance, the Netherlands is a sought after destination. The Dutch economy is strong, and Amsterdam is a hotspot for those working in the creative and media industries. Many find Amsterdam crowded, but the Dutch attitude of ‘keep yourself to yourself’ does allay this feeling. The seasonal changes of the year are dramatic. Cold, wet and dark in winter, the city explodes in summer with people sitting on the romantic terraces along the tree-lined canals. Strict immigration regulations mean non-European Union nationals should begin the long process of applying for a visa in advance.

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