A Netherlands speciality is tulips and the shops in Amsterdam’s flower market usually arrange to ship bulbs globally so they arrive in the autumn, the perfect time for planting.

Shipping within the Netherlands is often offered both by big chain stores and small independents; some have no charge, but it’s always wise to ask.

If you want to send a purchase overseas, companies with international franchises, such as Lush and Interflora, will do it for a small fee. Metz & Co offers a sales tax-free shipping service to non-EU destinations.

You can get most items from suppliers in the Netherlands, but if you are sourcing from abroad think of the shipping costs. It may be cheaper to buy books from Amazon UK than Amazon in the US, for instance.

The national post service is fairly efficient and by far the cheapest way of sending gifts home. Couriers such as DHL and FedEx have offices throughout the city and have pick-up services available but cost significantly more.

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