Going Out

The social scene is Barcelona is eclectic, exciting, energetic and constant. Whatever you're looking for, whether it's a club at 07:00 on a Sunday morning, or a theme bar filled with old circus equipment, you'll find it here. Every taste is catered for, whether you’re looking for a bar in a squat full of dreadlocked anarchists, or Europes finest wines and foie gras. This is a young and trend conscious city, but it can also be sophisticated; there is something for every demographic. But, Barcelona is certainly a little more alternative, hip and bohemian than other Spanish cities.

In Barceloneta you'll find bars perched on the waterfront, the Gothic district offers some wonderfully dark bars and underground jazz clubs while Eixample and Port Olimpic are the clubbing districts. It's a relatively small city, so easy to get your bearings. Wander the streets and dip into watering holes, hit the clubs for some all-night action or wile away the hours drinking cocktails in any of the beautiful plaças.
The Catalans are not considered the friendliest folk in Spain, but make an effort (especially with the language) and you'll be warmly welcomed. Alcohol is available all day, every day, often with complete disregard for licensing laws. Everything starts and finishes late, so you'll need to adapt to the Siesta way of life (which is particularly easy in the hot summer months). Lunch is in the middle of the afternoon (although available earlier than that if you get hungry), restaurants are empty before 22:00 (many don't open before 21:00) and clubbing begins after the bars close at 03:00. To maintain an active social life in your new home, you may need to adjust your body clock. Just follow the natives.

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