Tours & Sightseeing

Barcelona is not overwhelmingly huge, and is very accessible and safe to explore. Many places of interest fall within pedestrian zones, so it is easy to move around on foot, making it an ideal city to wander on your own. There are many ready-made routes, mapped out and easy to follow. The official city tourist website has some good suggestions ( as does the Institute of Urban Landscape. Marked out around town by small red paving stones with a flower emblem, these trails lead around Barcelona’s major Art Nouveau works, visit for more information.

Local knowledge will also go a long way and touring the city with a guide can be a hugely rewarding experience. Tourism is big business in Barcelona, so there are all manner of options for getting to know the city and its charms, from walking to cycling tours, seeing the sights aboard a boat or a horse-drawn cart. Versatility is the name of the game for tour operators. All offer a range of transport possibilities, have standard whistle-stop-tour packages, allow you to design your own private itinerary, operate inside and outside the city and offer themes such as shopping or gourmet too. A standard tour of the city centre will take in all the city’s main heritage sites while typical trips out of town are to Montserrat and the Penedès vineyards.

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