Win an awesome single speed Mango bikePosted: Sunday 30 Aug 2015

Those guys that were on Be Your Own Boss have launched a fresh-thinking company that allows you to choose your bike with dozens of colour and component options. The quality thing about them? They’re totally affordable. With their signature bright colours, Mango brings a refreshing attitude and a clean, lightweight, modern style to the bike world… and now Explorer and Mango bikes are giving one away too!

So you've heard about Mango Bikes (, and the fact that we do a wide range of single speed bikes. However, you might not know exactly what a single speed bike is, and want to find out just why you should get one for some fun riding.

What is it? As a single speed bike, or fixed gear bike, Mango Bike is fairly similar to every other one. However, the major difference is that it’s only got one gear, which may seem like it’s stripping out one of the most important parts of a bike, but trust us, a fixed gear bike offers so many benefits, with less parts, less to go wrong, easier maintenance and an easy, just-get-on-and-go riding experience.

Why should you buy a Mango Bike? For starters, our fixed gear bikes are awesome fun and ideal for nipping through the city, getting you to where you need to be fast!!

Our single speed bikes also feature a flip-flop rear wheel, which allows you to swap between a free-ride, aka the ability to coast, or fixed, aka you’re constantly pedalling. Both options offer different benefits, with coast mode keeping things relaxed and fixed mode providing a mega leg work out! Additionally, the lack of gears means that you don’t have the stress of maintaining your gears, and ensures that you can get a decent ride every time without worrying about cable stretch or clunky gear changes!

Explorer and the legends over at Mango Dubai are giving you the chance to win your own set design bike. All you have to do is answer the following question! Or, order your bike today from 


Competition closes on Wednesday 30 Sep 2015. Normal terms and conditions apply.

Congratulations! Pallikandy Abdul


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