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Retail distribution

With our dedicated distribution team and fleet we have the most successful retail publishing brand in the UAE, with our name seen in over 600 outlets in the region.

Not only do we have a strong in-store presence – be it front-of-shop, counter-top or through promotional posters and banners – we also have a fully functional eShop and distribute internationally through Amazon and Kindle to ensure we have the highest level of availability for our customers.

eShop  | Amazon

Market knowledge

With 20 years’ publishing experience in Dubai, we know the market inside out and have built up the network and business relationships for an effective distribution operation. We know our consumers and their needs, having sold 2 million of our own products to them.


Our titles appear in over 450 outlets in the UAE alone, and more than 600 stores across the region, internationally and online. We cover a wide range of outlets for optimum convenience for our consumers, including chain and independent bookshops, hypermarkets, airports, hotel gift shops, speciality retailers, service stations and cultural attractions, such as art galleries.

Full service

We have the technical expertise, combined with the sales, distribution and logistics skills to deliver everything you need. We can assist you with warehousing, sales management, visual merchandising, physical distribution of stock to retail locations, monitoring of stock levels, refilling and restocking, analysis and reporting, credit and collection services.


We can also carry out special promotional campaigns for your titles. Following an initial consultation, we will develop a marketing strategy aligned to your key business objectives and strategies, target market audience and projected outcome.