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Explorer's vast portfolio offers a unique opportunity for businesses to reach hundreds of thousands of ABC readers comprising expatriates, business travellers, tourists and affluent professionals. Our audience is diverse - whether you want to target off-road enthusiasts, new residents, parents, travel devotees or corporate clients we have the suitable vehicle for your message.

Our advertising and sponsorship opportunities are diverse too. Be it digital opportunities on askexplorer.com or in our weekly e-newsletter, print adverts in our guides and maps, or by sponsoring one of our multi-award winning photography books, we can offer inventive and effective packages that are tailored perfectly to your marketing goals.

Why advertise with us? We’re an award winning publisher with a wide range of bestselling titles and over 300,000 products are sold each year.

A well-trusted resource Explorer is renowned for methodical research and accurate, up-to date information. Therefore, any brand associated with Explorer benefits from our credibility.

Integrated packages Consumers actively seek information across a range of online and offline channels, so we work with you create a fully integrated package that is tailored to your business.

Multiple exposure (OTS) Our publications have a one to two year shelf life and they are a constant resource of information guaranteeing continued exposure for sponsors and advertising.

Expansive audience Each of our publications are utilised by two to three readers on average.

Engaged & affluent audience Explorer readers are expatriates, business travellers and visitors with high disposal income, the majority of which make repeat purchases from us.

Strong distribution network Our products are sold in over 450 outlets in the UAE alone and are sold via Amazon and leading bookstores worldwide. Our distributors include local, national and international book stores plus a wide range of non-traditional outlets.

Strong Marketing and PR campaigns Through press and online coverage as well as events, we heavily promote our products ensuring strong exposure and positive brand association for our clients.


We can offer sponsorship opportunities to brands wishing to build a deeper connection to our shared audience. These exclusive packages are tailored to our guide, photography and map products, and offer a range of marketing benefits including:

  • Logo placement on the cover
  • Enhanced advertising within the product
  • Complimentary copies of the product that includes a FREE customised cover
  • Presence on all POS, marketing and PR materials

Fancy a chat and a coffee? Contact our team to discuss your requirements.