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Dubai is for most people a wonderful place to live, with excellent career opportunities, a network of social contacts, unique activities and, apart from a few sweaty months in summer, brilliant weather. Most expats tell you their standard of living is better than it was back home, they travel more, spend more time with family, enjoy outdoor living and make more friends.

‚ÄčErasing The Myths
Dubai does have a reputation for being bold and brash – it likes to have the biggest and best of everything – but there’s far more to the city than that. Think of Dubai’s showy attitude as the persona it likes to reveal to the rest of the world, while on the inside it can actually be quite down to earth. You just have to take time to get to know the city’s personality.

Yes, there are plenty of glitzy clubs and outrageously expensive restaurants, and people do dress up to the extreme, but there are also loads of low-key hidden corners, eclectic nightlife options and bars to satisfy the grungiest hippy. The art and culture scene is growing, with new theatres, galleries and even Dubai’s answer to jam sessions for aspiring musicians, as well as indie movie nights and artist groups. Life here is not just about showing off; it’s not obligatory to get a flash 4WD and a Rolex, live on the Palm, and to dine in the Burj Khalifa every weekend.

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