Useful Words & Phrases

English Arabic
yes na'am
no la
please min fadlak (m) min fadlik (f)
thank you shukran
please (in offering) tafaddal (m) tafaddali (f)
praise be to God al-hamdu l-illah
God willing in shaa'a l-laah

English Arabic
greeting (peace be upon you) as-salaamu alaykom
greeting (in reply) wa alakyom is salaam
good morning sabah il-khayr
good morning (in reply) sabah in-nuwr
good evening masa il-khayr
good evening (in reply) masa in-nuwr
hello marhaba
hello (in reply) marhabtayn
how are you? kayf haalak (m) kayf haalik (f)
fine, thank you zayn shukran (m) zayna shukran (f)
welcome ahlan wa sahlan
welcome (in reply) ahlan fiyk (m) ahlan fiyiki (f)
goodbye ma is-salaama

English Arabic
my name is... ismiy...
what is your name? shuw ismak (m) shuw ismik (f)
where are you from? min wayn inta (m) min wayn inti (f)
I am from... anaa min...
America Ameriki
Britain Braitani
Europe Oropi
India Al hindi

English Arabic
how many/much? kam?
where? wayn?
when? mataa?
which? ayy?
how? kayf?
what? shuw?
why? laysh?
to/for ila
in/at fee
from min
and wa
also kamaan
there isn't maa fee

Taxi/car related and directions
English Arabic
is this the road to... hadaa al tariyq ila...
stop kuf
right yamiyn
left yassar
straight ahead siydaa
north shamaal
south januwb
east sharq
west garb
turning mafraq
first awwal
second thaaniy
road tariyq
street shaaria
roundabout duwwaar
signals ishaara
close to qarib min
petrol station mahattat betrol
sea/beach il bahar
mountain/s jabal/jibaal
desert al sahraa
airport mataar
hotel funduq
restaurant mata'am
slow down schway schway

Accidents and emergencies

English Arabic
police al shurtaa
permit/licence rukhsaa
accident haadith
papers waraq
insurance ta'miyn
sorry aasif (m) assifa (f)


English Arabic
zero sifr
one waahad
two ithnayn
three thaltha
four arba'a
five khamsa
six sitta
seven saba'a
eight thamaanya
nine tiss'a
ten ashara
hundred miya
thousand alf


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