Click here for a list of nurseries in Dubai.

Some nurseries accept babies from as young as 3 months, although most prefer to take on children who are at walking age (around 12 months).

Fees and timings vary dramatically so it’s best to call around and visit a few nurseries to get an idea of what’s available. As a general rule of thumb, most nurseries are open for four or five hours in the morning and charge anything from Dhs.3,000 to Dhs.12,000 per year.

The more popular nurseries have long waiting lists so you should enrol your child before he or she is even born.

Some of the bigger primary schools also have nursery sections – if you’ve got a primary school in mind for your child, it’s worth checking to see if they have a nursery, as this may help you secure a place a few years down the line.



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