Sports & Activities

Whether you join a sports team, immerse yourself in the art scene or relax in one of the many beautiful parts or beaches, just remember – there’s more to life than brunches. Head out there and explore!

If you're looking to join a particular club in the city, check out Explorer's Clubs & Groups section for a list of the most popular ones in Dubai. 


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Check out this event tonight at Jazz @Pizza Express in JLT. School-aged girls have been practicing at a special Rock Camp For Girls all week

at 11:31 amExplorer
Go and explore Sukhothai restaurant in Le MERIDIEN. Until 16 April, the restaurant is celebrating the SongKran Festival with Thai dance pe

at 07:41 amExplorer
Full-moon Activities Give your creative and adventurous side an airing this full moon.

at 05:01 amExplorer
Valerie Aliano | George Tkalych | Horst Ferrero Gainesville