With souks, boutiques and mammoth malls at every turn, you won’t have any problems spending your holiday money in Dubai.

A Shopaholic's Dream
Dubai provides many opportunities to indulge in a shopping spree: it is either a shopaholic’s dream or nightmare, depending on who’s paying the bill. Dubai’s malls are gleaming hubs of trade filled with a mix of international high-street brands and designer names. While prices for most items are comparable to elsewhere in the world, there are not many places that can beat Dubai’s range and frequency of sales. 

In the summer, malls are a good place to escape the soaring heat, and with most shops open until at least 10pm every night, and some until midnight at weekends, there’s plenty of time to browse. It takes a dedicated shopper to tackle the malls when they are at their busiest on a Friday evening. 

Souk Up The Atmosphere
Souks provide an authentic way to shop; they hold a broad range of items, including souvenirs and traditional gifts, Bargaining is common practice in the souks and you’ll need to give it a go to get the best prices.

There are several places to buy carpets and gold jewellery, but you’ll need to bargain hard to get a good price. Electronics can be cheaper than they are in the UK or the US, and Dubai is the world’s leading re-exporter of gold. For most items, there is enough choice to find something to fit any budget, from the streets of Karama with its fake designer goods, to the shops in the malls that sell the real thing. For the lowdown on where to find your essential Dubai buys, head to Places to Shop.

The large number of international and local shipping and courier agencies makes transporting anything from a coffee pot to a car feasible.

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