Desert Safari

Desert safaris are by far the most popular variety of tours available, perhaps because a good safari offers many activities in one day. Expert drivers blast 4WD vehicles up, down and around massive dunes (dune bashing) while passing old Bedouin villages and pointing out beautiful natural attractions. Some tours include sand skiing or boarding and end the day at a replica Bedouin camp where you can watch a belly dancer, eat Arabic delicacies, hold a falcon, ride camels and smoke shisha.   

The approximate cost for a desert safari is Dhs.150 to Dhs.350 (overnight up to Dhs.500). Most tour operators offer variations on the main types of excursions: city tours, desert safaris and mountain safaris. Some offer more unique activities, such as fishing or diving trips, expeditions to the Empty Quarter, helicopter tours and desert driving courses. The main tour companies, and those that offer something a little bit different, are listed in this section – contact them directly for information on their full programmes and tours and overnight camping options.

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