Visiting Dubai

Whatever your reason for touching down in this desert metropolis, it’s hard not to be captivated by its growth and unshakeable ambition. The world’s tallest building is already here, and a slew of architectural wonderpieces and whole new communities are not far behind. Yet underneath the shiny surface there is more to Dubai than cranes and five-star clichés: you’ll find Emiratis, cosmopolitan expats and sunburnt tourists, all enjoying and exploring the many aspects of a surprisingly multilayered city that's become one of the world's top destinations.

If you're not familiar with Dubai, you'll be surprised at the variety of tourist attractions on offer. Aside from the infamous shopping malls and opulent bars and nightclubs, the city has retained a surprising amount of its old culture and also caters for a very sporty and active resident population. This means that visitors can choose from all kinds of experiences from wandering through ancient souks, riding on an old wooden dhow boat along the creek, or hurtling down waterslides. Come and explore Dubai, you won't fail to be amazed.

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