Car Hire

Hiring a car is a good way to get around Dubai. Most leasing companies include the following in their rates: registration, maintenance, replacement, 24 hour assistance and insurance. All the main car rental companies, plus a few extra, can be found in Dubai. 

It is best to shop around as the rates vary considerably. The larger, reputable firms generally have more reliable vehicles and a greater capacity to help in an emergency.

Most rental companies will keep track of how many times you pass through Salik toll gates and charge you at the end of your rental period.
Before you take possession of your leased car, check for any dents or bumps. To hire any vehicle you will need to provide a passport copy, credit card and a valid driving licence. If you're just visiting, you can use the driving licence from your home country as long as it is at least one year old. Different rules apply to residents who want to drive. 

Comprehensive insurance is essential; make sure that it includes personal accident coverage, and perhaps Oman cover if you’re planning on exploring.


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