While crime figures aren’t officially released, the UAE is known for having a low crime rate. Serious crimes like rape and murder are infrequent and unlikely to affect the quality of life of the average expat. The most common reason for expats getting on the wrong side of the law is often alcohol. In the UAE there is a zero-tolerance policy on drinking and driving; if you are arrested for this, the usual penalty is a minimum 30 days in prison. Being drunk and disorderly in public is also something that can land you in trouble.

Some stories about expats finding themselves on the wrong side of the law have gained international news coverage, and their seemingly harsh punishments do very little to appease concerned foreigners looking to relocate to the country. However, so long as you respect the UAE’s laws, religion and cultural differences and act like a civilised human being, you’ll be unlikely to land yourself in any kind of trouble.

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