According to the latest available data from the US Census Bureau, Los Angeles City had an estimated population of 3,819,951 in 2003, and that number is rapidly increasing. The 2006 population estimate for LA County was 9,948,081, and 36,457,549 for the state of California. Visit http://quickfacts.census.gov to explore the census figures.

There is a large Latino population in LA, and it is just as likely to hear Spanish being spoken as any other language. The Asian community is growing quickly and tensions between the African-American and Korean communities has run high in recent years, most famously during the Rodney King riots. The general problem is that Korean families own a large percentage of the small businesses in traditionally African-American neighbourhoods. West Los Angeles (from West Hollywood to Santa Monica and north) remains nearly entirely white. The city has a long history of racial tension, but, for all that, Los Angeles is one of the most culturally and racially rich cities on the planet.

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