Aerobics & Fitness Classes

LA is known for being a physically fit city, and there’s no shortage of places to work out. In fact, Santa Monica even claims to be the birthplace of the physical fitness movement in the United States. So whether you are looking for a class on Pilates, yoga, spinning, or even strip aerobics, you should have no trouble finding it. Classes are often grouped by fitness level, so there is something for everyone. These classes can usually be found at the many gym chains throughout the city and are generally free to attend with a gym membership. Many classes at the gyms do not require you to sign-up. You can simply come as often (or as little) as you please. But because there are usually several classes throughout the week, the excuse of ‘being too busy’ doesn’t hold up. Personal trainers who offer private one-on-one instruction are also available for hire at these gyms.

For those without gym memberships, there are several speciality dance studios throughout the city, such as Heartbeat House in Atwater Village (323 669 2821;, which offers fun aerobic classes like ‘1980s Dance Party’ to help you sweat out the calories.

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