Ice Hockey

Southern California is home to two professional hockey teams, the Los Angeles Kings and the 2007 Stanley Cup winners, the Anaheim Ducks. Amateurs can practise their hip checks and slap shots with the several adult leagues in Los Angeles. Games can be found at the local ice rinks, like Culver Ice Arena and Pickwick Gardens. Culver Ice Arena, for instance, offers pick-up hockey games at lunchtime during the week and on Sundays. LA Hockey ( provides a list of some adult ice and roller hockey leagues in the area. These leagues generally have games at night during the week, so people with day jobs can still participate. The leagues are comprised of several teams, some of which hold try-outs for new team members. To find a team you might want to play for, it is a good idea to attend some of their games to get a feel for their style and attitude.

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