Social Groups

Los Angeles’ size can make it difficult to socialise with people of similar backgrounds. Fortunately, there are several organisations for expatriates looking to reconnect with fellow countrymen. The clubs vary in purpose; from casual cocktails and social events, to business networking opportunities. Most of these clubs are inexpensive to join. A valuable resource for expatriates of all nationalities is, which allows you to search for online groups with members in Southern California. You can then communicate with members via an online forum. Also have a look at the various publications targeted towards specific communities. The L’Italo-Americano weekly newspaper (, for instance, is a good way for Italians and Italian-Americans to find out about upcoming cultural activities. Canadians Abroad ( sponsors fun social events like going to hockey games and is an easy way to find fellow canucks. For British newcomers, The Council of British Societies (626 966 9178; sponsors several charitable and social events throughout the year. The Mayflower Club (818 769 9805; is another old British club. Located in North Hollywood, the group sponsors a variety of entertainment nights, dances, banquets and card games. AustraUSA ( helps Australians find their niche in the city with an events calendar packed with everything from garden tours to Aussie Rules viewing parties. For those wanting to mingle in exclusive circles, the Jonathan Club (213 624 0881; is the most prestigious and exclusive in LA, and caters to the business and social elite. Membership is only extended by invitation.

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