There are plenty of gyms, and most feature a large area of free weights and machines, which are good for building muscle mass. These gyms usually have personal trainers and nutritionists available who can design workout regimes and diets specifically for you. Many also have juice bars located on the premises so you can slam a healthy protein shake after a workout. Perhaps the most well-known gym for bodybuilders is the outdoor Muscle Beach in Venice (1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice), a place made famous by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1970s. This is not for the modest, as crowds often gather to watch the exhibitionist lifters work out. For serious bodybuilders who seek competition, a good organisation to contact is the National Physique Committee (www.nationalphysiquecommittee.com), which is one of the nation’s largest amateur bodybuilding organisations. Its website provides information about upcoming competitions, several of which are held in the Los Angeles area.

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