With such a storied history of film you would expect there to be a lot of cinemas in Los Angeles, and you’d be right. From old silent movie theatres to the newest in features such as IMAX and 3D, LA is a town that truly loves its film. It is not uncommon to see people standing in queues during the middle of day to catch movies that have just been released. You will also find many revival houses that cater to independent and foreign films. Midnight showings of outrageous horror movies or 1970s exploitation occur weekly and generally alcohol is encouraged as long as you wait until the lights go out to imbibe. The architecture of many theatres also harks back to the golden age of Hollywood and can be an experience in itself. Places such as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Egyptian are as famous as the stars that grace their screens, and for that reason are reviewed as attractions in the Exploring chapter.

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