DVD & Video Rental

Once the kings of the rental game, popular retailers like Blockbuster Video (www.blockbuster.com) and Hollywood Video (www.hollywoodvideo.com) are getting a run for their money. Many grocery stores now have small DVD sections. Red Box vending machines (www.redbox.com) are found in convenient locations like McDonald’s and outside mini-malls. The crimson-coloured boxes dispense first-run movies for only $1 per rental, per night. There is also NetFlix (www.netflix.com), which charges a low monthly fee for unlimited DVD rentals which you select online. The movies are then quickly mailed to you, and you return them in the prepaid envelope provided. There are no late fees, so you can keep them for as long as you wish.

You’ll also find individually owned video shops around town where you can rent the latest DVD or video game, though these are slowly vanishing. Each outlet has its own policies but most require a major credit card, limit rentals to one night for new releases and charge late fees for not returning DVDs on time.

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