There’s a nightclub for every walk of life in Los Angeles, and for every taste. You could go out for weeks without hitting the same club twice. Hip-hop, trance, industrial, lounge, swing, jazz – whatever you’re into, you can find it. Styles range from gritty underground clubs to exclusive upscale spots thick with celebrity clientele. Then there are the LA institutions that you shouldn’t really miss, including The Derby (p.355) in Hollywood. Most of the places listed below will charge a cover, usually $5 to $20. Drinks at nightclubs tend to be more expensive than those at a traditional bar or pub. Some clubs have specific dress codes such as no jeans or baseball caps, so it’s always better to dress up a bit before going out. Many nightclubs feature the infamous ‘red velvet rope’, where club-goers must wait in line before entering. Sometimes this is just for show and sometimes the club is actually too packed to let more people in. When stuck behind the rope, three things will help you get in quicker: being with attractive women, being a celebrity or slipping the doorman some cash. You might struggle with the first two but the latter will always hold sway.

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