Rarely is there a political battle in the US where the state of the education system is not a hot topic. Issues raised are not only about quality of learning, but also about standardised testing, access to materials, and safety. Determining how to best ensure your child receives the education he or she deserves can be daunting, but you are likely to meet with success if you take the time to understand what LA has to offer, including public, private and homeschooling.

If you have documentation regarding your child’s previous school performance, such as report cards, transcripts or testing information, that can only help, especially if you are entering mid-year or your child has special needs. Regardless of what you supply, the school might suggest or require you child enrol at a grade lower than you anticipated. If you and your child decide to head back to your country of origin, be sure to ask your school for a copy of report cards and any other academic information they can provide.

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