General Medical Care

While you can find the highest standard of care in the US and Los Angeles, the cost of that care is a highly controversial issue. In short, this country is one of the only major industrialised nations lacking universal healthcare, which means it does not guarantee medical care to its citizens or visitors. The exception is emergency room care centres (ERs), which are federally required to treat those in need of emergency attention, regardless of their ability to pay. Outside of emergencies, most individuals rely on private health insurance, which is often but not always provided and subsidised by their employer. Others rely on flawed but helpful government programmes such as Medicare, Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

The majority of your medical experiences will be outpatient appointments with a primary care physician for checkups, prescriptions, treatment of common illnesses and, if necessary, references to specialist doctors. Angelenos often rely on word of mouth to choose their doctors or call renowned medical care providers like UCLA (800 825 2631) and Cedars-Sinai (800 233 2771) for referrals. Most insurance companies, however, will only subsidise treatment with pre-selected doctors, so if you have insurance be sure your doctor is on this list before your appointment. Women will find the majority of their gynaecological and maternity care is covered by insurance as well, but dental care does not fall under regular insurance plans. There are separate plans available to help cover the cost of your once or twice a year visits for cleaning and checkups.

If you are in the market for plastic surgery, you have come to the right city, but your insurance only covers plastic surgery if it is deemed necessary to your medical well-being or as a direct result of a disfiguring accident or illness.

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