Before You Arrive

Moving is one of life’s most stressful undertakings, especially when crossing continents. The better prepared you are before you leave, the easier the transition will be.

• Get your documents in order – in addition to procuring travel documents such as your visa and travel tickets, have important documents like marriage licences and children’s birth certificates attested in    
  your country. This could be a lengthy procedure, so put it high on your checklist.
• Feel out the job market – as well as perusing online job listings, make contact with a few real employment leads. Whether or not you land the jobs, you will garner helpful information about your field of
  interest. You may also make headway with online networking sites like and (a site for media professionals).
• Tidy up your financial affairs – check with your banks, mortgage providers, pension company and tax officials how to prepare for your move and how your move will affect your finances.
• Close up house – look into shipping your belongings early in the game to accommodate handling requirements and transit time. If you own property, you may want to hold onto it while you test the waters in
  LA, so start by renting it out. If all goes well, you can put it on the market in a year or two.
• Neighbourhood watch – research LA neighbourhoods to see which is best for you. If you are moving with children, investigate public and private school options and remember your child’s public school
   will probably be defined by your address.

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