Considering The City

With a warm climate, gorgeous beaches and active pace, there is little question about the appeal of LA. Unfortunately, the cost of living here can be astronomical and housing is a major factor. The key is finding which neighbourhoods and housing styles fit your bank account, as accommodation here ranges from a $600 rental share in Los Feliz to a multimillion dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. The added cost of LA’s car culture, however, is less avoidable, especially when the ‘LA’ job hunt can take you from San Diego to Santa Barbara. The LA Metro Area includes the four surrounding cities, making it larger than all but four US states, and locals often work at least an hour from home. Relying on the bus and growing rail systems could cost you an interview if you don’t do your research and allow time for mishaps. As for landing the job, the toughest thing is the sheer number of people who arrive in Los Angeles daily. That’s why it pays to start your hunt as soon as you are considering the move, using job boards such as or Also be sure to have your working papers in order. LA is infamous for employing illegal workers, especially for low-paid manual labour, but going this route could get you thrown out of the country for up to 10 years.

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