Working In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is no stranger to foreign workers. In fact, the city and surrounding areas were built and settled by a cross section of immigrants: English, French, Mexicans and Germans, just to name a few. Chinese labourers were brought to the city to help build the railroads and they, just like the Japanese, Russians and European Jews, created their own ethnic communities, many of which still exist today. Within the last 10 years, LA has succeeded New York City in becoming the nation’s major port of entry for immigrants.

LA is recognised as one of 11 US global cities boasting more than 20 ‘Fortune 1000’ company headquarters within the city. Skilled and educated workers who arrive in Los Angeles with a work visa can find employment in a breadth of industries, from aerospace and agriculture to entertainment and tourism. LA is also the largest manufacturing centre in the western United States, according to the LA County Economic Development Corporation.

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