Areas To Shop

Shopping districts in Los Angeles are extremely spread out, so it’s best to limit yourself to one or two areas each time to fully experience each neighbourhood. Beverly Hills, Robertson Boulevard and Montana Avenue are areas where you may want to dress up a bit to fit in with the style-conscious crowd, but in most communities you can dress as casually as you like. Malls and shopping centres tend to be huge and require lots of walking, so it’s smart to wear comfortable shoes. On quick trips to one specific store at a large mall, call ahead to see where the store is located and park as close to that entrance as possible. Most malls and shopping centres have directories posted near the front. Take a few moments to view the list of stores and jot down the locations of those that interest you. The larger shopping centres have an information desk or concierge to assist you with directions, getting oversized packages to your car and other needs like strollers or shopping carts. At shopping centres in the suburbs parking is usually free. In more congested areas like Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Pasadena and Santa Monica, you will have a choice of metered street parking, valet parking, or parking structures that charge by the hour. At many parking structures connected to malls, the first two hours are free with validation, and there is a maximum rate charged after five or six hours.

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