New York may be the headquarters for high couture magazines, but Los Angeles usually gets the credit for the trendy fashions worn by celebrities. With paparazzi feverishly working high-profile streets like Melrose, Montana Ave and Robertson Boulevard, it’s no wonder that some of the hottest boutiques on the west coast wind up in the pages of In Style, People and Entertainment Weekly. When the stars are photographed in hip new clothes, the styles soon trickle down to the masses, if only in knockoff versions.

LA is the birthplace of the business casual look. It boasts more bikini boutiques than any other state, and it definitely had a big hand in starting the whole premium denim craze. It’s where you’ll notice a woman pairing a vintage sweater with a Dolce & Gabbana skirt, or a guy looking movie star handsome in just a plain white tee and jeans. There is a certain edginess to LA fashions: a touch of fake fur on a jacket collar, a jean that’s cut daringly low, and a shirt that sparkles all have an unmistakable west coast charm. Part of the fun of shopping on Melrose Avenue or Rodeo Drive is the coolness factor, but mostly shopping in this city is an adventure. Every neighbourhood offers something different and you never know what you’ll discover around the next corner.

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