Online Shopping

Shopping from home has become a favourite pastime for many people and you’ll find an increasing number of stores in Los Angeles with an internet presence. Some stores allow you to order merchandise online and pick it up at the store closest to your location. Store policies vary as far as international shipping. Many stores like Lands End charge additional fees for shipping items to Canada, while others ship packages strictly in the United States to avoid dealing with customs regulations. Internet purchases from international locations are subject to customs inspection and some items are prohibited from entering the country, such as animal products on the endangered species list and plants that could be harbouring insects. The Home Shopping Network and competitor QVC allow shoppers to view apparel, jewellery and home decor items on television and place their order online or by phone. is the most well-known online shopping site. Offering a plethora of merchandise, often at deep discounts, it combines a vast merchandise selection with the convenience of shopping from home and low shipping charges. Many online retailers offer free shipping if you purchase a minimum amount. Albertsons and Vons offer grocery shopping online with a small charge for delivery service.

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