Refunds & Exchanges

Store policies vary regarding refunds and exchanges, but most will provide a full refund if an item is returned in good condition with a receipt. Many stores allow refunds for up to 30 days with a receipt, and some with more liberal policies (like Nordstrom) will accept merchandise returned up to 90 days later even without a receipt. Returns regarding electronics and software vary, so it’s best to check the store policy and the warranty before you purchase an expensive item. If a clothing or home decor item still has tags and you lose the receipt you can still get a refund as long as it’s a line the store carries. If the item appears to have been worn or damaged, you will probably be out of luck. Many stores have strict policies that evening gowns, cocktail dresses and expensive men’s suits may not be returned if the tags are missing. Some stores have begun keeping track of what they call chronic returns. If a person returns more than six items within a two-month period, for example, they might be denied a refund the next time.

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