Finding a place to buy alcohol in California is easy, but you must show valid ID proving you are over 21. Alcohol may only be sold between the hours of 06:00 and 02:00. Supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores sell a variety of beer and wines, often at sale prices. Those seeking a broader selection will find much to choose from at Trader Joe’s, known for its award winning and inexpensive Charles Shaw label. Cost Plus carries an impressive selection of discounted domestic and imported wines, plus hard-to-find beers. Many neighbourhoods have liquor stores that also carry deli foods and snacks. Depending where you shop and the brand, a six pack of beer will run around $8.99, a bottle of basic white wine around $12 and a bottle of vodka around $15. Buying liquor from duty free shops at LAX is more trouble than it’s worth due to strict security and customs regulations.

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