Camping With Kids

The UAE is the perfect place to introduce the uninitiated to the world of camping. There are many comfortable and safe camping spots ideal for families or camping novices, all a short distance from the main roads, so a 4WD isn’t even necessary. For newbies, it’s best to stick to camping spots that are fairly close to services. Organised camp amenities don’t exist in the UAE, and venturing into the wilderness may well be a shade too daunting for some young families, so it’s best to have back-up facilities nearby; choose somewhere within easy reach of shops or toilets.

Preparation and planning are key to any camping trip with young children in tow. Pack plenty of toys and games: cards, a bat and ball, a Frisbee. Also, ensure you set up a few ground rules (see box); there are likely to be fewer upsets and more happy memories. If you are camping with very young infants, you should bring mosquito nets to protect them from night bites. With proper preparation and the right location, it’s the perfect way to spend quality family time.

​Child's Play
The long stretch of beach in Fujairah is ideal for those travelling with kids. Hotels line some of these beaches and, so, if your attempt at a beach barbecue goes awry, you can always head to a restaurant to fill empty bellies. Toilets in the hotels can also be a sight for sore eyes for those with kids too. Other good locations include Jebel Ali, Dibba and Hatta as they all have hotels nearby.

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