​Liwa Oasis
The consummate desert camping experience is found in the sea of sand dunes at Liwa, where you can go to sleep beneath a perfect starry sky and then wake up completely surrounded by one of the world’s most mesmerising dunescapes.

To get to the perfect camping spots, follow the E11 and take the slip road signposted Madinat Zayed and Mezaira’a. Once you reach Mezaira’a, stock up on provisions and fuel as this is the last stop before the wilderness. From there, follow signs for Liwa Resthouse and an industrial area and turn left at the roundabout signposted Tal Mireb (Moreeb Hill). Along the way you’ll pass the stunning Sabkha flats before eventually reaching Moreeb Hill. With the giant Moreeb Hill on your left, camp just over one of these dunes and you’ll feel secluded but know that a solid path isn’t too far away. 

​Fossil Rock
This is a fun camping spot, especially for kids who can explore the marine fossils that can be found on the rock’s slopes. The presence of iron oxide gives the sand in this area a lovely rich, orange-red colour. Camp near the peak and wait for the stunning sunsets to take hold.

​Big Red
Less than an hour’s drive away from Dubai, Big Red still creates the feeling of being a million miles away from the city. Be wary that this place is a popular off-roading and quad biking haunt and, as such, you need to consider your camp spot carefully. As you pass Big Red, you’ll see a few farms dotted along the road; head out around here for good pitching spots. 

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