Jabal Shams
Whether you’re coming from the UAE or Muscat, the drive to Jabal Shams is a long but rewarding one. 
The region boasts seemingly endless, towering mountain terrain, and is home to Oman’s deepest canyon. In fact, Wadi An Nakhur is known as the ‘Grand Canyon’ of Oman thanks to the thrilling terrain, and camping at the rim of the canyon offers spectacular views of the sultanate.

Dramatic and unspoilt, with breathtaking natural scenery, this trip will take you all the way from the ‘fjords’ up to nearly 2,000m at the top. Head for Khasab and then follow signs to Daba (i.e. Dibba in the UAE). Jebal As Sayh is the highest point in the Musandam and is approximately 30km from this point. Around it are wonderful areas to camp in, especially during the hotter months. 

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