When it comes to the great outdoors, the GCC desert is a truly unique adventure playground. With vast areas of rarely-visited wilderness to explore, dune and wadi bashing are popular pastimes in the GCC. 
Desert driving is a tough challenge that asks a lot of both car and driver but, once you’ve mastered the skill, it opens up the vast deserts and can also be amazing fun. From sandboarding to camping under the stars, learning to drive on sand reveals a whole new side to life in the UAE and the good news is it only takes a day of training. 

Be prepared
While off-road driving is exciting and adventurous, it does require skill. To ensure that most of your off-roading memories are good, you’ll find a few pointers listed in this section to help you get on your way. 

The key elements are simple: be prepared and use your common sense. Leave any macho fantasies of invincibility you may have at home – the good off-roader is careful and cautious, with a high regard for safety and the environment. 

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