No continent captures the imagination quite like Africa. The ‘cradle of civilisation’ is home to spellbinding natural beauty, spectacular wildlife and a rich history – and you can enjoy all three in just a few days, and just a few hours’ flight from the UAE.

One of the most spectacular, yet largely unexplored, destinations is Ethiopia. One for the adventurous traveller’s bucket list, this is a truly memorable country whose dramatic landscape of rolling hills and volcanic lakes is matched only by its rich culture.  Egypt is another destination for combining a love of history with a penchant for the outdoors, whether you’re wandering around the pyramids or diving beneath the waters of the Red Sea.

Across in East Africa, Kenya provides a beach break as well as the ultimate safari experience, thanks to its spectacular scenery and high concentration of wildlife. There’s nowhere better to stand a chance of glimpsing ‘the Big Five’, and the country’s spectacular resorts allow you to walk on the wild side and still relax in the lap of luxury afterwards.

However, for the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, nothing beats the Seychelles. This enchanting archipelago is arguably Africa’s best beach destination (and its most romantic). The Seychelles has an almost mythical reputation for its impossibly beautiful islands, and the lush jungles, turquoise seas and powder white beaches will not disappoint.

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